Rodney is back, LIVE and on DVD! Rodney Rude Live Vol. 1 contains all the laughs with special bonus features including a backstage interview, previously unseen footage and lots more.

  1. Man Dies With Hard On
  2. Rude Wears Cock Hat
  3. I Shit In Your Purse
  4. Playing Golf Got Hit Between First And Second Hole
  5. Throw The F***** Board At Me
  6. Rude Does Impressions Of Blow Flies
  7. Limericks
  8. I Hate That
  9. Serious Interview
  10. Newsreader Bloopers
  11. Fine Thread
  12. Gotta Keep Your Worms Warm
  13. Extra Limericks
  14. Piss Funny Samples
  1. I Got More
  2. I Got More
  3. I Got More
  4. I Got More
  5. I Got More
  6. I Got More

Rude Rides Again is an Australian comedy album, performed by Rodney Rude and released in 1986. The album was recorded in front of a live audience at the Gold Coast.

  1. Funny
  2. Piss Funny
  1. Get Pucked You Crunt
  2. Some Queensland Cops Need Ring Repair After Inmate Abuse
  3. Imaginary Roots, Or Pork Sword Dreaming
  4. Banished To The Soggy Bits, Or Holiday At Wet Patch
  5. Rodney Rude Very Funny Loud Mouth Punter Becomes Buttock Hole
  6. Power Points And Nuggets
  1. Soiled Undies
  2. My Brother Load
  3. Condiment On Your Equine Excrement Or Oral Manure Removal
  4. Big Noah Samples Power Point Sack
  5. I May Not Be A Wog But I Look Like One
  6. Me Hangin’ Out Of Ya
  7. Wear A Black Condom My Wife Died
  8. Bald Headed Man With One Eye Exudes Flatulence
  9. Midget Sticks His Digit In A Ladies Idget
  10. Fat Ladies And Buckets
  11. Lay On Your Back Prime Minister
  12. Detective Kuntz, Load Connoisseur
  13. So Far Up Ya You Can Only See My Hat
  14. A Load On Jackson
  15. Granny Impersonates A Turkey – And Gobbles
  16. Harry’s Doodle Gets Manipulated
  17. Celebrity Pox Jockeys
  1. Bring Spare Undies
  2. You’ll Piss Yourself

This Work Contains A Selection Of The Funniest Bits From Rodney Rude

  1. Intro
  2. Good Evening
  3. Ladies
  4. Half Rude
  5. I Still Hate Cats
  6. Hate Singing
  7. Standup 1
  8. Standup 2
  9. Standup 3
  10. Michael Jackson
  11. Why Won’t Rolf Harris Just Fuck Off and Die
  1. Mcdonalds
  2. Freddy
  3. Rubber Vagina
  4. Japs
  5. Elton
  6. The Pope
  7. Pensioner Eats Pelican
  8. Sting
  9. Sperm
  10. Booga From Goodooga
  11. Fart Into Mic

Rodney Rude’s first live recording since 1998 – Entered the National ARIA Albums Chart at # 42 – Achieved Gold Record Sales (35,000)

  1. Heckler’s Mum Tongues Rude Causing Asthma Attack
  2. Grandfather Nuzzles Beaver With Barry’s Beard
  3. Menage Au Trois Boy Cops One In The Seat
  4. Rude Hides Limerick In Contemporary Afro-American Music Genre
  5. Stunted Kleptomaniac Puts Brown Smudges On Stationary
  1. Famous Painted Charlie Punches Famous Action Hero In Artificial Seat
  2. Rude Refuses To Let Hugh Grant Forget His Extra Marital Car Sex
  3. Dickshit, Netanyahu, Dung, Yassah and Piss Pot
  4. Homeless Bloke With One Thong Made Out Of A Salmon Tin
  5. Rude Uses Tackle For Shoehorn
  6. Rubber Legged Bloke Sprays Mates At Piss Trough
  7. Drunken Limerick Singing (Audience Participation)
  8. Eight Answering Machine Messages Free To Use
  9. Ya Mum’s A Turtle
  10. Dwarf Reconing
  11. Brass Bound Buggery Box
  12. Golden Shower Avoidance
  13. Duck Organ & Abdomen Hole
  14. Soft Vegie
  15. Aliens With Triple Anus
  16. Rectal Antler Discomfort
  1. KFC Killed My Uncle
  2. Ronald Mcdonald Doesn’t Even Eat His Own Hamburgers
  3. Arse Like An Anaconda Swallowing A Piglet
  4. Heckler Gets Tattoo Of A Target Round His Arsehole
  5. Rude Gets Raped By Lesbians With A Hunk Of Bong Hose
  6. Nimbin – Can’t Tell Men From Women, May As Well Root Everyone In The Arse
  7. Don’t You Hate Wearing A G-String Cause Half A Turd Goes On Floor And Half In Your Sock
  8. Molly Has Stroke Now Can Only Suck Out Of One Side Of His Mouth Or Belmont High School
  9. I’m The Bloke Who Gets All The Roots Around Hexham
  10. Homeless Blokes Revisited. Homeless Bloke Takes Out Insurance On Plastic Bag Full Of Shit
  1. Mcdonalds Revisited Are You The Mcmanager
  2. Rude Trys To Act Young And Cool By Wearing Clothes Back To Front And Sings Limericks Disguised As Rap
  3. Don’t You Hate It When Your Dick Wakes Up Earlier Than You
  4. Michael Jackson Dances Like A Duck On A Hotplate
  5. The Tom Price Miner
  6. Libra Pads With Wings Also Have A Beak And Tail Feathers
  7. Ya Hairy Hole
  8. Rude Serious Rave About Limericks
  9. Punter Sing Limericks With Rude
  10. Answering Machine Messages Intro
  11. Message I Know You
  12. Message Embicile
  13. Message Hornswoggler
  14. Message Balls Caught In DVD Player
  15. Message Dick Head
  16. Message Psych Down
  17. Message New Boyfriend
  18. Message Hermaphrodite
  19. Message Root A Welding Glove
  20. Message I’ve Shot
  21. Message Bruised Tongue
  22. Message Office Manager
  23. Message Piss Off
  24. Message Arse Hairs Waxed
  25. Message Ghost Of Sammy Sneed
  26. Message Gee Gee Spot
  1. Rude’s uncanny insight into Mars and Venus
  2. Blokes who want to become eunuchs Or Pitiful attempt by Rude to get lady’s underpants
  3. Marcia Hines’ Tit
  4. Rude wears jodhpurs with padded arse sewn in
  5. Albino Indian’s red dot becomes Japanese flag
  6. Humidity in Rude’s arse crack identical to India’s climate
  7. Rude’s Greek mate is a necrophiliac
  8. Siamese twin’s nose joined to his brother’s butt hole
  9. Heckler carves veins in cucumber
  10. Pavarotti breaks toilet
  11. Rude annihilates Pommie heckler
  12. Rude does embuggerment joke disguised as an insult
  13. Rude plays the mouth trumpet (musical)
  14. Rude blows fart through plastic tube in taxi
  15. Rude accuses McDonalds of using undersized chip scoop, then challenges them to use his huge scoop: Rude leaves wearing his scoop for an Olympic bicycle rider’s helmet
  1. Hopoate fingers Rude
  2. Rude heckles a hunchback
  3. Rude starts to resemble a fruit bat from raiding too many orchards (musical)
  4. Bonus answer machine messages introduced by Rude
  5. Answer machine message – Uncle Jack off on train
  6. Answer machine message – Ounce of Parsley
  7. Answer machine message – Queer eye gives polish
  8. Answer machine message – Greenies and chain saws
  9. Answer machine message – Kim Beazley’s air force jumpsuit
  10. Answer machine message – Fido
  11. Answer machine message – Boss has sex with stubby holder
  12. Answer machine message – Baldy feral buys Bob Marley wig
  13. Answer machine message – Mr & Mrs Fucknuckle
  14. Answer machine message – Helmet in lady’s duffel bag
  15. Answer machine message – Davey Crockett hat for mask
  16. Answer machine message – Rodney Treblecock
  17. Answer machine message – Long winded convoluted message
  18. Answer machine message – Goo on pelvic bone
  19. Answer machine message – Erect windsock
  20. Answer machine message – Talcum powder in aerobic suit
  21. Answer machine message – Boris Becker’s ginger nuts (musical)
  1. Heckler Strangles Mates Knob in an Anal Noose
  2. Rude Compares His Willy to Windsock at Airport Hanging Limply in Breeze
  3. Doctor Gaffers a Tiny Camera to His Own Appendage For Patient’s Rectal
  4. Heckler Has a Tattoo of an Anus on His Fist
  5. Incompetence During Surgical Procedure Causes Relocation of Genitals
  6. Reason Servos Keep Toilets Locked, Is So Cleaners Can’t Get In
  7. Heckler Gets Outsmarted by His Own Girlfriend
  8. Ex-Wife Tries to Push Rude Off Echo Point and Stab Him With a Star Peg
  9. Rude’s Grandfather Meets Vietnamese Girl Named Mifuk
  10. Rude Is Nicknamed Tiger Woods ‘Cause He Goes the Growl on a Heckler’s Mum
  11. Dog Rejects Heckler at Buck’s Night
  12. Rude Claims That Women Make Him Feel Like a Furry Little Fruit Bat
  13. Rude Claims That All Hecklers Shave Each Others Balls
  14. Charles Merton-Lickett, Stuart Diver and Harry Muff Create Law Firm Cal
  1. Rude’s New Son Darren Runs Eagle Boys Pizza Shop in Kurri Kurri
  2. Homeless Bloke Takes a Dump in Open Police Crusier Window
  3. Peter Allen’s Taxidermist Inserts Antique Slide Whistle in Peter Allen’
  4. Rude’s Uncle Ishmael Polished Toe of Cowboy Boot on the Ring Area of Fo
  5. Rude’s Uncle Ishmael Damages Knob in Shaving Accident
  6. Rude’s Grandfather Makes Hard Hats Out of Dolphin’s Foreheads
  7. Rude Suggests That Elton Owns a Store Window Mannequin’s Fist on a Stick
  8. Rude Claims Safest Place in Terrorist Attack Is Local Swimming Pool, ‘C
  9. Ending – Rude Suggests Prime Minister Should “Do” Rude’s Audience
  10. Ending – Rude Suggests Prime Minister Should “Do” Rude’s Audience
  11. Rude Claims Lady’s Hairy Underarms Are Like Two Bonus Vaginas
  12. Rude Claims Lady’s Hairy Underarms Are Like Two Bonus Vaginas (*)
  13. Bull Rider Can’t Last Eight Seconds on Lady’s Bucking Arse
  14. Hecklers Only Yell Out When Rude Has a Mouth Full of Piss
  15. Heckler Tattoos Anus on Fist So He Can Have a Pull With an Anus
  16. Miner Enjoys Safe Shift in Public Shaft
  17. On a Scale of One to Ten, Cockabillity Versus Cuntability
  18. Old Property Developer Files Parrot Through Public Wind Farm
  19. Rude Suffers Confusion When Rooting Heckler Cousin